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They’re obviously doing it just to spite me


(actual answer: life drawing is about realism; cartooning is about simplification)

Here are 2 of my drawing from that night:


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Except all the beer


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Hourly Comics Day, 2014

Each year on Feb. 1, a bunch of cartoonists draw a comic each hour that they are awake. I’m finally posting the ones I finished this year:

daily501-a daily501-b daily501-c


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Making Manhattans


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2013: The Year of Bill


… that’s pretty much what the last four months have been like.

Back in April I spent about 3 weeks doing nothing but working on a 6-page comic for the Anything That Loves anthology. Then I posted it online in August (after the book was published), and the Internet exploded. It got tens of thousands of views on Tumblr, and was re-posted on Upworthy, the Huffington Post, and The Nib (linking that last one, because those awesome people actually pay me). I was profiled on Buzzfeed, was a guest on a Chicago NPR morning show, and talked to Dan Savage on his podcast (near the end). It was translated into Portugese, and I got a lot of followers in Brazil!

So that’s all been awesome but overwhelming, and I don’t feel like I’ve capitalized on my fame as much as I could. But still – all that puts 2013 solidly in the “WIN” column.

But that’s not all I did this year! I drew 50 pages of Bar Scrawl this year, and about 30 pages of additional comics!


My brain is broken.

Also, I had a solo gallery show at the 20-Sided Store in Williamsburg, where I displayed most of my Dungeons & Dragons art!


I published 4 mini-comics this year (Hot Men of the Monster Manual, Bar Scrawl: Carroll Gardens, Bar Scrawl: Williamsburg, part deux, and a mini version of Orientation Police (they’re all in the store). I only exhibited at 2 conventions (MoCCA – where I was a panelist for the first time!) and Locust Moon Comics Fest in Philly, though I

In personal stuff: I got to show my parents around New York City for a couple of days, which was really fun. I traveled to Virginia a few times to visit my brother and to play with my nephews. I survived jury duty in Brooklyn, saw some great theater (Monkey’s Journey to the West, Cinderella!), played in two D&D games and started running my own game.

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage on the federal level in June, so I attended two gay weddings this year, and I officiated at a third!



I’m working on fixing that in 2014.

Finally – this is the 500th installment of my journal comic. I think it’s time for another book!

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How I deal with rejection



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Wasabassco’s KONG

Last month, I went to see the Wasabassco Burlesque performance of KONG! – a stage version of King Kong, with the addition of ladies (and some gentlemen) taking off their clothes! I backed the show’s Indiegogo campaign, so I had a VIP seat in the front row. Naturally, I brought my sketchbook.

Here’s host Doc Wasabassco before the show:


A fire-eating priestess offering tribute to the great god Kong:


A fearsome dinosaur attack:


And finally, King Kong himself smashing up a tiny cardboard New York:




You’ll just have to imagine the burlesque performer dressed as the Empire State Building, the sexy aerialists standing in for attacking airplanes, and the enormous hand tearing off the heroine’s clothes, because my drawing skills declined as the night went on (there was a lot of booze involved).

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My only problem with New York Comic-Con

More con report after the cut:


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Fortunately, I have long arms

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Hello, new visitor! If this is your first time here, you’re probably looking for my comic about dating trans men: Orientation Police.  If you like that, you might also like my gay romance comics.

However! I am no longer updating this site regularly! I’m devoting most of my time to my cocktail comics and bar reviews, which you can read at:!

On this site, you can still read the archives of my journal comic (“The Amazing Adventures of Bill” – the first 400 strips are on this site) and my D&D comics. Thanks for stopping by!

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