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Orientation Police

Click here for more (warning: NSFW)

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The bright side of civic obligation

(There were about 20 people lined up, and every single one of them had to stay.)

I was selected for a jury. I won’t be able to talk about it until it’s over, but there might be a bunch more of these in about 3 weeks.

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Higher Learning

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The Rival (part 2 of 2)

(continued from last month’s comic)

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The Rival (part 1 of 2)

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Tom Spurgeon, ladies and gentlemen!

(Tom is the Comics Reporter, and he recently linked to this site).

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So I went to Bermuda (part 1 of several)

Last month I went to Bermuda for my cousin Tom’s wedding. (He lives there.) And I brought my sketchbook with me, because I carry it everywhere.

I flew out of Newark Airport:

Before I left, the weather report for Bermuda was this:

Here’s what Bermuda’s weather actually was:

We stayed at the Hamilton Princess hotel:


I didn’t actually draw very much, because I was busy sipping rum drinks, sleeping under palm trees, and hanging out with my family. But I did some sketching, and I’ll try to ink and post them over the next week or so.

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Bill is awkward, part 7,002

Last night I went to Housing Works for the book release party for The Collection, a transgender fiction anthology edited by my friends Riley and Tom.

Here’s one of the authors reading from it:

(As you can see, I just bought Alison Bechdel’s “Are You My Mother”, and it’s inspired a new shading technique.)

And I chatted with one of the authors beforehand:

RJ writes & draws Riot Nrrd. Clearly I’m a fan.

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FAQ #1: How long does it take to draw Bar Scrawl?

This is 100% accurate.

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I drew this while watching Netflix

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