If you’d like to own one of my fine products, this is the place for you!

Orientation Police

Honestly, if you liked this comic, you should buy the anthology Anything That Loves, where it appears along with 29 other awesome cartoonists ($30 print, $10 digital).

But if you want my story and nothing else, I’ve created a mini-comic:

cover-photo 8 pages
full color
(I know! color is expensive to print!)

Bar Scrawl collections:

My comic strip Bar Scrawl reviews Brooklyn bars. I’ve collected the strips by neighborhood (Williamsburg gets 2 books, because stuff keeps opening there). Each book is 16 black & white pages, with a cardstock color. $4 each.

 Park Slope

Carroll Gardens


Williamsburg, part deux


D&D Monsters!


A to Z in the Monstrous Manual
an alphabet of cute monsters!
28 pages (27 black & white; 1 color)

Hot Men of the Monster Manual
a dozen sexy monsters
12 black & white pages


The Amazing Adventures of Bill


I draw a journal comic. I used to update in on a regular basis (these days, not so much). This book collects the first 5 years of the strip, from here to here.

It collects 300+ strips, a 24-hour comic, and a bunch of self-mythologizing newsletters. The art is sometimes a little rough, but there’s some fun stuff in there.

It’s big – 8.5″ x 11″, 292 pages, all black & white.


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