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Bill & Will, part 2: “King John, continued”

After I saw “King John” at the Folger, I listened to the “No Holds Bard” podcast episode about it.


Next: “Henry IV, part 1″ and “Merry Wives of Windsor.”

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Bill & Will, part 1: “King John”


Note: this is a “bucket list” quest, not a “by the end of the year” goal.



web-Will-page3 web-Will-page4


web-Will-page5 web-Will-page6



I’ve got a few more thoughts about the show, but I wanted to get this comic up while you can still get tickets at the Folger (it’s running through Dec. 2).

In brief: the Bastard is great, and Arthur’s mother Constance has a fantastic monologue about grief. I understand why it’s little-performed, but I say ee it if you can — you won’t get another chance any time soon!

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Bard in bars


If you want to join me, the Shakes-beer-ience happens on the second Tuesday of every month at the Way Station.


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It’s got hills


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San Francisco does not disappoint



I went to SF for to moderate a panel at the “Queers and Comics” conference. It was an amazing event, and I met a ton of very cool people. But after the show, I stuck around for a few days to wander the city.

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But I made my train!



While running for the subway last fall, I fell down the stairs and broke two of my toes.

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I love you, Triceratops


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Bar Scrawl goes outside



I don’t know why I drew my brother like this. It doesn’t look anything like him.

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I am very popular with nephews


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Boredom is my greatest fear



From my visit to Germany in September of 2016.

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