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D&D minis: Undead


For Halloween I’ve posted some horrible undead creatures for your D&D game. Take a closer look at the abominations here:


That’s a Skeleton Warrior, a Flameskull, a Lich, a goblin skeleton, two zombies, a dracolich, and a zombie ogre.

You can download and print out a PDF of these skeletons and zombies here:

Undead printable minis

Just cut them out along the thick lines, fold along the thin lines, and tape the bottoms together. It works best if you print on cardstock, and if you tape a penny to the inside to keep them from blowing over.

You can see all my previous minis by clicking here.

If you think these are useful and you’d like to donate a dollar or two, that would be very cool!

Commissions: If you’d like me to draw a mini of your character, send an email with a description to comics at billroundy dot com! It’ll cost $10, or I’ll draw a party of 5 characters for $40.

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I used to have it all to myself!



That’s the Croxley Abbey detailed earlier.

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They’re obviously doing it just to spite me


(actual answer: life drawing is about realism; cartooning is about simplification)

Here are 2 of my drawing from that night:


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Except all the beer


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