Dungeons & Drawings

This Wednesday, April 10, from 7-9pm! All of my D&D-inspired comics and art will be on display at the Twenty-Sided Store in Williamsburg! (362 Grand St., between Havemeyer and Marcy. Take the G or L train to Metropolitan/Lorimer)

See the original art from my books “A to Z in the Monstrous Manual” and “Web of the Spider Queen,” along with some never-before-seen fantasy illustrations.

There’s also going to be a live crowd-sourced comic drawing, and I’ll be signing my new book “Hot Men of the Monster Manual,” a collection of manly minotaurs and sexy satyrs.

The night is also the Zero Session for the new season of D&D Encounters “Storm over Neverwinter.” So if you want to play in the new season, people will around to help you design a character.

(No booze at the store, but the after-party will be just down the street at the Full Circle Bar. Ask me for the secret to getting $4 draft beers!)

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