Printable minis for D&D

I’ve been drawing my own paper, stand-up miniatures for my D&D home game, inspired by the ones I got for being an Order of the Stick Kickstarter backer.

My local gaming store (The 20-Sided Store) is playtesting the next D&D rule system, and the new playtest packet includes 8 pre-generated characters. So I’ve created a paper mini for each of them! (I made two versions of the ranger & cleric, and an animal form for the druid)


If you’d like to use them, a link to the PDF file is below – just cut them out along the thick lines, fold on the thinner lines, and tape the bottoms together!

Printable minis from Bill (PDF)

(They work best if printed on cardstock, with a penny taped to the inside to make a more solid base).

Feel free to use them for your games! And if you do, take a picture and let me know!

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  1. hackbarth says:

    You know, there’s a forum of people that deals with this kind of art. Why don’t you pay us a visit?

    P.S. Do backsides that align with the front for your minis, they would become awesome(r).

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