My only problem with New York Comic-Con

More con report after the cut:

I know cute drawings of superheroes sell, but I go to Comic-Con for comics.

I sold comics at the Geeks OUT booth on Friday and Sunday. I had a lot of people stop, look at the cover of “Orientation Police,” and ask “Are you on Tumblr?” Yes, yes I am.


Me with Jeff Krell, creator of the gay comic strip Jayson.

I managed to sell quite a few books, including 2 copies of Anything That Loves, a dozen copies of “Orientation Police,” and one of the 300-page Amazing Adventures of Bill collections.

And that’s good, because I spent almost exactly as much as I made on the following comics:


If you can’t see, that’s:

  • TheĀ Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel (excellent so far, and I got it signed by Mark Evan Jackson after the performance Friday night),
  • The Only Living Boy #2 by fellow Brooklynite David Gallaher and Steve Ellis (haven’t read it yet, but it’s very pretty)
  • Five Weapons by Jimmie Robinson (funny, well-drawn book about a school for assassins)
  • The Way We Write by Rachael Smith. This full-color mini-comic was great fun, and I came back the next day trying to buy her book I am Fire, but couldn’t locate her in the chaos of Artist’s Alley. Curses!)
  • Gifted, from Yale Stewart, the creator JL8. Meh. But JL8 is really cute!
  • Lipstick & Malice #1-3 by Monica Gallagher (it’s about a supermodel/spy. haven’t read it yet, but she’s great)
  • Rat Queens #1. Foul-mouthed fantasy series, very similar to…
  • Skull-kickers vol. 4 by Jim Zub and Edwin Huang. I’m reading the 4th volume, you can bet I like it
  • Courtney Crumrin Vol. 4: Monstrous Holiday (I bought this planning to get Ted Naifeh to sign it, but never tracked him down. Curses again!)
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