Wasabassco’s KONG

Last month, I went to see the Wasabassco Burlesque performance of KONG! – a stage version of King Kong, with the addition of ladies (and some gentlemen) taking off their clothes! I backed the show’s Indiegogo campaign, so I had a VIP seat in the front row. Naturally, I brought my sketchbook.

Here’s host Doc Wasabassco before the show:


A fire-eating priestess offering tribute to the great god Kong:


A fearsome dinosaur attack:


And finally, King Kong himself smashing up a tiny cardboard New York:




You’ll just have to imagine the burlesque performer dressed as the Empire State Building, the sexy aerialists standing in for attacking airplanes, and the enormous hand tearing off the heroine’s clothes, because my drawing skills declined as the night went on (there was a lot of booze involved).

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