Art Sale!

It’s the holidays! You need gifts, and I need cash!

So I’m selling original art from my comics! So if you’ve ever looked at one of my comics and thought “Man, I’d love to hang that on my wall” – it can be yours! Send me an email or post a comment describing it (with a link, ideally), and I’ll locate the art in my files and mail it to you before the holidays.

This offer applies to any of my comics: The Amazing Adventures of Bill, romance comics, D&D comics, & Bar Scrawl.

Prices: $20 for a comic with a single row of panels, $40 for a strip with two rows, and $60 for a full page. Bar Scrawl pages are $200, because they take a lot of work.

A high-quality print of any page: $20.

You can pay via PayPal, or just hand it to me if you live in New York.

Disclaimers: Some of the comics have been digitally altered, so the original art does not look like the final strip. If this is the case, I’ll send you a photo of the original art, and you can decide whether you’d still like it or not. Anything drawn before 2008 will be missing word balloons, and probably panel borders, too. They’re a mess.

Also, I’m not selling the cover of “A to Z in the Monstrous Manual,” or page 3 of “Brood,” because they’re my favorites.

Questions? Leave a comment.

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