D&D minis: Bullywugs!


I’ve drawn some more printable miniatures for D&D! This time, I made a few different kinds of bullywugs, and their giant frog ally.


I used these guys in the “Toadwallow Caverns” portion of the Reavers of the Harkenwold 4E adventure. It also looks like they’ll turn up in Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure!

You can download the minis here:

Printable minis: Bullywugs! (PDF)

I’ve also drawn some Player Characters and Kobolds.

If you think these are useful and you’d like to donate a dollar or two, that would be very cool!

Commissions: If you’d like me to draw a mini of your character, send an email with a description to comics at billroundy dot com! It’ll cost $10, or I’ll draw a party of 5 characters for $40.

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