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D&D minis: Kobolds, Dragon, and Drakes


I’ve been making my own stand-up paper miniatures for D&D, so I figure I should share them with people! A few months ago I produced a bunch of PCs, and now I’m working on monsters.

First up is everyone’s favorite level-one nemesis: the Kobold! And I’ve given them some support with a couple of drakes, and a dragon who controls them behind-the-scenes.


(Also, I understand that these minis might be useful during the first part of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, if you’re running it this week).

Just download them from the links below and print them out on cardstock. Then cut along the thick lines, fold along the thin lines, and tape them together!

Kobolds PDF

Dragon and Drakes PDF

Coming soon: Bullywugs and Modrons!

If you think these are useful and you’d like to donate a dollar or two, that would be very cool!

Commissions: If you’d like me to draw a mini of your character, send an email with a description to comics at billroundy dot com! It’ll cost $15, or I’ll draw a party of 5 characters for $50.

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Printable minis for D&D

I’ve been drawing my own paper, stand-up miniatures for my D&D home game, inspired by the ones I got for being an Order of the Stick Kickstarter backer.

My local gaming store (The 20-Sided Store) is playtesting the next D&D rule system, and the new playtest packet includes 8 pre-generated characters. So I’ve created a paper mini for each of them! (I made two versions of the ranger & cleric, and an animal form for the druid)


If you’d like to use them, a link to the PDF file is below – just cut them out along the thick lines, fold on the thinner lines, and tape the bottoms together!

Printable minis from Bill (PDF)

(They work best if printed on cardstock, with a penny taped to the inside to make a more solid base).

Feel free to use them for your games! And if you do, take a picture and let me know!

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Hoombar’s letter home

Hoombar is my new character for D&D Encounters. He’s a half-orc fighter, but he’s a pacifist, so he doesn’t use any weapons (hitting people with a shield doesn’t count). It’s always fun to play a big dumb guy.

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Dungeons & Drawings

This Wednesday, April 10, from 7-9pm! All of my D&D-inspired comics and art will be on display at the Twenty-Sided Store in Williamsburg! (362 Grand St., between Havemeyer and Marcy. Take the G or L train to Metropolitan/Lorimer)

See the original art from my books “A to Z in the Monstrous Manual” and “Web of the Spider Queen,” along with some never-before-seen fantasy illustrations.

There’s also going to be a live crowd-sourced comic drawing, and I’ll be signing my new book “Hot Men of the Monster Manual,” a collection of manly minotaurs and sexy satyrs.

The night is also the Zero Session for the new season of D&D Encounters “Storm over Neverwinter.” So if you want to play in the new season, people will around to help you design a character.

(No booze at the store, but the after-party will be just down the street at the Full Circle Bar. Ask me for the secret to getting $4 draft beers!)

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Displacer Kitty

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Escaping the Arrow

This is the (almost) complete dungeon of my last D&D adventure “Escaping the Arrow.”

Click for a (much) larger version. The adventure starts in the lower left corner.

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War of Everlasting Darkness, session 6

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War of Everlasting Darkness, session 5

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War of Everlasting Darkness, session 4

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War of Everlasting Darkness, session 3


(yes, I’m going to try to go back and fill in session 2)

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